Best Etsy to Shopify Apps
Best Etsy to Shopify Apps of 2020

No doubt, Shopify and Etsy are two great platforms where you can sell your products and make money online. However, as a budding entrepreneur looking to own a highly converting store, you may find Etsy’s limited functions and capabilities inadequate for your craft and ambition. Even as a renowned seller, there comes a time when you need to experience real growth and move to a reliable hosted e-commerce platform. At this point, the perks of owning a competitive storefront with a personalized domain option become irresistible. And that is where easy-to-use-and- implement platforms like Shopify come in handy. 

Shopify’s extensive list of user-oriented features, such as the unlimited store control and massive merchant community, allows you to define your brand and market your products without paying heavy transaction costs. There is a catch, though; migrating from Etsy to Shopify is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you are an established merchant. 

In this article, you will find out the ten best Shopify apps that will effectively allow you to import your Etsy products into Shopify and migrate with ease. These applications will also aid your Shopify e-commerce integration and make your transition from Etsy a walk in the park. They are as follows: –

1. Etsify

First on our list of the best Etsy to Shopify applications of 2020 is Etsify. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy crafting out detailed reviews for your products on Etsy. And now that it is time to expand your store and move to Shopify, you may need a competent program that can help move your products and reviews swiftly and efficiently. While it is possible to build and import a CSV file of your products and their corresponding data, it is usually time consuming and exasperating. 

However, with a reliable automated solution like Etsify, you can move your products and imports your reviews in one fell swoop. The app is designed to give you a head start in your new e-commerce business. With Etsify, you can get your Shopify store up and running within the shortest possible time. Its neatly organized dashboard makes it easy to manage all products and variations exports without breaking a sweat. Etsify supports all Shopify versions, and its integration with Etsy’s inventory system erases all potential compatibility issues. 

Main Features

  • Manage all Products & Variations Exports 
  • Export all Product Attributes, etc.
  • Migrate all Products Reviews
  • Product Photos Migration
  • Content  Batch Editing and more


2. Order Printer

This Shopify application is a top-rated e-commerce printing solution that is designed to minimize the hassles of in-store printing. Order Printer makes it easy for merchants to create invoices and print custom packing slips for your customers.   

The app is very user-friendly, and it integrates well with “Shopify Shipping” to deliver unique printings for all orders. You will experience no compatibility issues across the board, as it fully supports Shopify’s “Order Printer” app. 

Merchants with big Shopify stores will enjoy the bulk printing feature of this app, as they can easily generate unique invoices and receipts for large orders at a go. It also comes with a unique “Order Print Emailer” feature that allows you to grant the requests of customers who opt to ask for a copy of their invoice via email. You will have access to ready-made templates that can be generated with a click of a button for your esteemed customers. For tech-savvy merchants, there are wide varieties of options in HTML and Liquid that will let you customize the templates and add your brand to the printed labels.

Main Features

  • Bulk Printing
  • Brand Showcase
  • Compatible with Shopify Shipping
  • Customizable Templates

3. Conversations

Next is the Conversations app, which comes in handy as an ultimate communication tool for every Shopify merchant. 

As you focus your attention on getting your new Shopify store up and running, it is possible to overlook the basic pages, including the “Contact Us” page. This will most likely make your store less personable and inviting to prospective buyers. But with Conversations plugin for Shopify, you can transform your basic pages into a lead-generating machine and communicate with your customers in real-time.

Every visit is an opportunity to make some sales. With this plugin, you can receive real-time notifications of every lead-related store activity, especially when a customer visits your Shopify “Contact Us” page. Additionally, all customer inquiries are organized into message threads for your follow-up. Conversations also offers a unique way to find out important info about your customer’s buying activities and other statistics. When sending a message, you can view the location of your customers as well as their total purchase and previous spending.

Main Features

  • Shopify Contact Form Integration
  • Send Targeted Messages
  • Discover Vital Customer Stats and more
  • Customize Auto-Reply Messages
4. Product Reviews

Want to drive more sales and engagement with customer influence? Then the Shopify Product Review app lives up to its name. It allows merchants to add product review feature to all store items. Product reviews app is great for merchants who are looking to get feedback from their customers, as they seek to uplift and expand their brand.  Not only will this app help build trust between you and your customers, but it will also create room for improvements in any area your store is lagging behind. 

One cool feature that you will like about this app is the way it uniquely blends its elements with your store’s design. Overall, conversion, sales, and trust are some of the benefits you will enjoy with the Product Reviews app.

Main Features

  • Theme Friendly
  • Product Review Imports & Exports
  • Simple Customization 
  • Bulk Actions
  • SEO-friendly Reviews
  • CSV Imports Compatible
5. Digital Downloads

Get more out of your Shopify store with the Digital Downloads app. As a versatile e-commerce platform, Shopify allows you to sell both physical and non-physical products. So, if you have ever thought of selling downloadable items, Digital Downloads app can help you actualize that dream. You might as well say goodbye to the days of embedding external links. Digital Downloads helps you achieve this dream without leaving the platform. It empowers you with tools to attach downloadable files to your store products and sell them online- plus, you will not even have to replenish your stock.

Interestingly, this app version also includes sharing options. Hence, it is possible to share download links via email with customers on checkout. In cases where a new version has replaced the old file, Digital Downloads will automatically prompt you to update your item with a fresh link. 

Main Features

  • Add Digital Products for Download
  • Add Download Link to Shopify Products
  • Activate Paid Downloads
  • Unique Product-to-Download  Linking
  • Download After Checkout, Emailed Links, etc
  • Download Limits Control
6. Google Shopping

If you are big on shopping campaigns and Google Merchants, then this is for you. As a Shopify store owner, it takes more than business passion and quality products to make your store stand out. And a little help here and there can count in your favor if harnessed the right way. As a search engine giant, Google is arguably the gateway to online shopping for most buyers. And with the Google Shopping app, you can easily advertise your store products to a wide variety of customers across all Google’s platforms. 

The app synchronizes your Shopify products and store assets with the Google Merchant Center. It allows you to update and manage your Google products from your Shopify admin backend. Google Shopping also expands the potentials of audience reach for store owners. You can create your Google Shopping campaigns while connecting with Google Ads and more from your Shopify.

Main Features

  • Create Shopping Campaigns
  • Connect with Google Ads
  • Manage Campaigns  from Shopify admin
  • Connect with Google Merchants
7. Return Magic

Return Magic is built to help merchants with the headaches of returned items. When it comes to sales, there are things you should never compromise. Your brand reputation is one. Return Magic makes this achievable by helping you make customer refunds. It also implements the payment details related to the refund. Return Magic also incorporates the services of various payment methods from Amazon to Shopify payments and more, to deliver.

So when a customer requests a refund, you can seamlessly initiate gift card refunds, exchanges, and more to control cash flow. However, Return Magic would require that you review the request and approve it before making any refund. 

Main Features

  • Text, Colors, etc., Customization
  • Custom Return Portal
  • Set Gift card Refund Options
  • Create Smart Terms for Refunds
  • Multi Language Support, and more
8. AfterShip

AfterShip offers the convenience of tracking after-sale orders from your Shopify Store. As a merchant, you can maximize its real-time tracking insights for your shoppers. Once they’ve made payments, customers love to know the status of their orders. You can impress them and prospects with a branded tracking page that shows order analytics. 

You can enjoy the luxuries of exploring and following-up shipments in one place. AfterShip would notify you of the order milestones till the package arrives at your customer’s doorsteps. It’s easier to build a customer retention experience when you show concern about the status of your customers’ order. With AfterShip, you will definitely earn more points on customer success. So when you need updates on the sales activities of customers’ orders, think AfterShip.

Main Features

  • Branded Tracking Page
  • SEO and Web Traffic Driven
  • Real-time Shipments Monitor
  • Send Order Status Notification
  • Customizable Status Notification Message
  • Unique Shopping URL
  • Integrations with Klaviyo, Shipstation, UPS, FedEx, etc
9. Stocky / Back In Stock

When you sell good products, chances are they are going to attract a lot of attention and sell out quickly. But you can build a solid seller-buyer relationship by updating your esteemed customers whenever you have replenished your inventory. 

Back in Stock is the app that never wants you to lose your customers. With it, sales are sure to continue, even when the inventory is out of stock. Your customers can fill a “back in stock” form for re-stock updates. Your customers receive product notifications once their preferred stock is available. Back in Stock is one of those apps that recognize the power of communication. Your customers are humans, and they have feelings. A personalized notification informing them of new stock can do a lot in improving sales and retention rates.

Main Features

  • Customer notifications
  • Email Message Templates
  • Simple Customization
  • Integration supports MailChimp, Klaviyo, Shoelace retargeting, Constant Contact, and more
10. ReConvert Upsell

Continuous patronage keeps a business going. While quality products will attract new customers to your store, only a good customer appreciation service can bring about customer loyalty patronage. Your customers find it appealing to know that you appreciate their patronage. As a Shopify merchant, you sure would like to do everything to make your customers keep coming back for more. And that is exactly what the Reconvert Upsell app does. 

The app is designed to create a memorable after-sale experience for store customers, and it comes in handy for merchants who want their customers to keep coming back. Business doesn’t have to end after payment or delivery; with ReConvert Upsell app, you can easily make exciting impressions off your “Thank You” page. You can always reconnect with your customers and leave an impression with a jaw-dropping branded thank you page. The app also integrates with multiple payment plugins from Shopify Payments to PayPal, Klarna, Sezzle, and more. 

Prepare to thrill, impress, and appreciate your customers in a unique way after purchase. With ReConvert Upsell app, they will never want to replace you.

Main Features

  • Page Customizer
  • Multiple Customizable Templates
  • Multimedia Support
  • Integration with payment & email services
  • Social Sharing Buttons

The thought of migrating from Etsy to Shopify can be exciting. Although the question of “how?” is usually a big challenge for merchants. However, when you follow the right Shopify ecommerce integration process, it will make your transition smooth, seamless, and hassle-free. 

Generally, there are thousand and one reasons to migrate from Etsy to Shopify. One of them is the power it gives you as a merchant. You can optimize that power over your store once more with our top-rated Shopify seller apps for this season.

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